Responsible Travel

Enjoy Jordan with Responsibility

Tourism represents nearly 10% of the Jordanian national economy; it is more significant for the southern district as well, Petra, Wadi Rum and Aqaba economy relies a lot on tourism as a main income

All our tours take place in Jordan, mostly around Petra and Wadi Rum, implemented by Bedouins of the local communities who have strong bonds to their homeland and culture, very proud of promoting and sharing their culture and the highlights (either natural or historical sites) within their homeland with foreigners. Most of the territories where those tours take place are also announced as nature reserves; Dana nature reserve, Petra old city is a national archaeological park, and Wadi Rum nature reserve, a lot of efforts are paid to maintain the standards natural themes of those areas

As result of that, our guests are encouraged to interact and enjoy those territories and the local culture in such a way they leave positive impact to the locals and the country, some of the hints we might share here; make fire in suitable places and under your guide supervision, natural rocks and stones belong to the site and not to anybody private collection, feel free to know more about the local culture, believes, and customs asking your team, locals are very moderate and they are pleased to share those aspects with curious people, also you are exploring oriental country and oriental culture which might be more conservative in some aspects

Each tour has different requirements, it is easy, and we aim to make you smile and enjoy one of the seven wonders and not to make it more complicated, your team during  the tour will smoothly inform all the necessary hints, and we will always wish you a nice stay in Jordan