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While in Jordan don’t miss mama gift of the local authentic souvenirs and cosmetics; Henna tattoo, Dead Sea cosmetics, Natural Kohl, local scarves and traditional dress, woven carpets (Bedouin rugs), sand bottles art in Petra, mosaic in Madaba, traditional Bedouin daggers and knifes (Shibrya), Argella, frankincense, and spices

Jordan Authentic Handmade Souvenirs:

It is very easy to buy hundreds of years old traditions souvenirs while traveling in Jordan, many authentic products are found in the market:

Local scarves and traditional dresses; it is much recommended as it locally know as “shmag” and it is used as head cover or scarves, they have woven stripes and the most common pattern is the red stripes shmag. Long embroidered ladies dress is an attractive traditional dress as well, Bedouin daggers known as “shibrya” locally, it is a very authentic souvenir that had its rule in the Bedouin heritage,

Bedouin handmade carpets (Bedouin rugs); colored and decorated with several patterns, made out of the woven goats, sheep’s, or camels hair and wool.
Handmade sand bottles; which are mostly found in Aqaba and Petra, decorated with many patterns using the natural sand no glue or adhesives are used and they last for ever.
Argella is very popular way of socializing with friends where its tobacco is combined with fruits flavors, coffee shops are everywhere in most of the towns and cities that serve Argella and other drinks.

Jordan is suitable place for picking up wide range of spices and herbs, like cardamom, ginger, cumin, cinnamon, anise, sage, saffron, curcuma and many wild herbs that grow regionally, the local cuisine is rich with those spices, where each local plate requires specific mixture of some of those herbs in specific ratios that can be packed on retail stores known as the three, four, five, six and seven spices, most of the stores that has spices would provide frankincense as well, all those products are sold by weight or in packages, Amman down town “wast elbalad as called locally” is a typical spot where most of those souvenirs and more things can be found there, navigating the down town can be very interesting too trying many local fast drinks


Popular local oriental cosmetics in Jordan:

Natural Kohl, Henna and Dead Sea skin care products are some of the regional cosmetics that are very popular in Jordan

Henna and body art tattoo; the henna is produced out of a tree used to dye hands, arms, finger nails and hair, very popular in Jordan and there are several kinds of this cosmetic, it is associated to a specific occasions as weddings, and other occasions like the “Eid”, unlike the permanent tattoos henna last for couple of weeks only on the body and has no side effects, it is more used by ladies in Jordan while it is not strange to see men dying their hair or beards with henna, painting different patterns of henna on arms and hands is the most popular use for henna though, where henna is mixed with many additives depending on the required darkness of the tattoo color where manual nozzle is used to shape the pattern on the body

Natural Kohl; it is a black eye liner, the locals produce kohl from several herbs that grow up in the desert which is totally different from the synthetic kohl and totally safe for the eyes, kohl is a cosmetic used by both ladies and men among the Bedouin communities and for all ages, the natural kohl is a healthy cosmetic for the eyes, Bedouins believe it protects from the hot sun, dust and works as disinfectant, commercial kohl is found everywhere where as natural kohl is made

Dead Sea cosmetics; are wide range of skin care products extracted from the Dead Sea mud and sedimentation’s, the curative properties of  dead sea itself encouraged specialists to pack those cosmetics in commercial packages which can be found almost everywhere in Jordan