Aqaba is …

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, one of the Arab countries which was established in 1921 after the great Arab revolution, remained under  the British mandate until 1946, it’s area is 89,250 square kilometers, the country has borders with Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, the Palestinian territories & Israel, shares the gulf of Aqaba with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Israel, regime is parliamentary monarchy, the king is his majesty King Abdullah the Second, the fourth king of Jordan & the eldest son of King Hussein third king of Jordan who had an international reliability and gained the Jordanians hearts during his reign (1952 –  1999). Population is 9.5 millions most of the population are concentrated around Amman The Capital, the biggest city as well with more than 3 million inhabitants, Main Cities are Zarqa, Irbid & Aqaba the only shipping port in the country, Petra is 250 Km’s to the south of Amman, 130 km’s to the north east of Aqaba.

king of Jordan